How To Recognize the Symptoms Of Bronchitis

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The symptoms of Bronchitis will include a cough, which is the main symptom. The cough may be a dry cough at first, but it will quickly become productive, and after several days it might start producing a discharge of mucus. The mucus might be a yellow or green color, or a clear discharge.

Other symptoms of bronchitis include a definite feeling of tightness in the chest area, right underneath the breastbone area. The tightness can have a tendency to worsen when coughing or breathing deeply. There can also be a burning sensation and a dull pain in the chest as well.

There can be a general feeling of being tired all of the time and the patient may experience wheezing or whistling noises when breathing, or when the person has above normal physical exertion.

Most of the cases of bronchitis that is acute that occur with otherwise healthy people, will last for only 2 to 3 weeks, however about 20% of the patients will have it last more than 4 weeks.

Bronchitis is a condition where the bronchial tubes get inflamed, and when that happens a lot of mucus is produced in order to trap the organisms that cause the disease. The body then produces a persistent cough in order to get rid of and expel the mucus.

The symptoms of bronchitis make it fairly obvious what is going on and the main treatment is to relieve the symptoms. The doctor may prescribe medications to open the airways and reduce the wheezing and inflammation, but antibiotics will not work because it is usually a virus that is the cause.

The doctor will prescribe rest and fluids, as well as natural remedies of honey and lemon and ginger. After a time, the body will heal the situation naturally in most cases.

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